Environmental statement

We're committed to minimising our impact on the environment, and encourage our suppliers, partners and clients to do the same.

Christmas cards

Instead of sending Christmas cards to all our clients we prefer to donate money to a good cause. Donations so far include:


Face-to-face meetings are important, but often a conference call or email is perfectly adequate. We avoid unnecessary journeys and combine visits whenever possible.

Minimising waste

We operate as close to a paperless office as possible! We use electronic documents wherever possible and only print a hard copy if essential. Our paper is 100% recycled or FSC approved.

Efficient use of energy

Our computers are very efficient and use a minimal amount of energy. We buy our electricity from a renewal energy supplier and at the end of the day, we switch off at the plug. It's an issue we're passionate about and we're constantly striving to make improvements.

If you have any further suggestions about how we can improve our environmental impact, please contact us