Choosing a good password

Good security is about the most important aspect of your website, and the most common way that hackers break into sites is by guessing passwords. In this article we'll look at what makes a good password and how to choose one.

How to choose a good password

The basic idea behind a password is that it's something that you know that no-one else does. This means that you have to be able to remember it!

If you use very strong passwords like tY5#k8%4, people will have to write them down, which compromises the security of the password. A good basic minimum for a password is at least six characters, with at least one digit and one punctuation mark.

If you want to choose a really good password:

  • use numbers, symbols, upper and lowercase letters
  • make it at least 8 characters long
  • don't use words you'd find in a dictionary, letter or number sequences (e.g. abc123), or names of pets, friends or relatives

Top 10 most common passwords

Below is a list of the most common ten passwords used by UK users.

  • 123
  • password
  • liverpool
  • letmein
  • 123456
  • qwerty
  • charlie
  • monkey
  • arsenal
  • thomas

Needless to say that if any of your passwords are on this list you should change them immediately!

Some of them are more obvious than others, but they are all classic examples of a weak password.

If you need to make a new password, use a random password generator website like