About us

Iteracy was founded in 2007 by Mat Connolley and Kathryn Smith, two computer programmers with a passion for the world wide web. Between us, we have over forty years of experience in building websites.



Mat Connolley

The creative force behind most of our design work is Mat, who will devote time to understanding your preferences and vision for your new website's appearance.

His passion is usability - one of his favourite sayings is "there's no point having a beautiful site that nobody can use". You can be confident that your new website will be effortlessly user-friendly.

Mat's love affair with computers began in 1980 with a ZX80, and he's been hooked ever since. He crafted his first website in 1997 when the web was predominantly black and white. Over the years, he has worked with various large and small agencies, including Europe's then-largest e-learning company. After freelancing for several years, he co-founded Iteracy with Kathryn in 2007.

In 1987, Mat got his first internet connection and racked up a whopping £100 phone bill in just one month (a substantial sum back then!). A true early adopter and tech enthusiast, he owned a touchscreen smartphone in 1999 and loves exploring the edges of Wikipedia. 

Kat Smith

Kathryn Smith

Kathryn's expertise lies in the technical realm, excelling in analytical programming and database design. Her primary role within the company involves building our websites, though she frequently gets involved in design as well. Kathryn's speciality is deciphering and interpreting client requirements and transforming them into a precise technical brief.

Surprisingly, her journey into computer programming began with a degree in Medieval Studies. After university, Kat joined an IT department's graduate scheme in 1999, where she was trained in analytical programming for a mainframe computer (just shy of requiring punch cards!).

In 2001, she transitioned from mainframe to PC programming, eventually shifting her focus to web-based applications. Prior to freelancing, she held the position of Senior Web Developer at a small agency. Kat and Mat then collaborated to establish Iteracy in 2007.

Kat's earliest computing experiences involved a ZX Spectrum and an Atari ST. Her fondest memories include the nostalgic sounds and graphics of The Hobbit loading from a cassette tape and the countless joyful hours spent playing Rainbow Islands.

Nice things people have said about us

"Mat & Kat were extremely patient, their design work sharp, their hand holding gentle, their feedback prompt and their rates competitive."

Nick Smith, Career Stepping