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Heroes of code

24th September 2017

Inspiring female computer scientists from the 19th century to present day

Usability and Flat Design

12th September 2017

Are current design trends making websites less easy to use? An interesting new study suggests they might be.

Do I need Facebook for business?

5th September 2017

We're often asked whether it's worth the effort to use social media for business. Yes - but only if you can do it right.

Twenty years of web design

28th August 2017

When do I get a medal?

The write stuff

15th August 2017

Choosing the right words for your website - if visitors don't receive your message loud and clear, you might need to rethink your text content.

Malware and Antiviruses

1st August 2017

Why you need both even if you have a Mac

What did the web look like in 2007?

20th July 2017

Iteracy celebrates its 10th birthday with a trip down memory lane on the world wide web.

Changing websites

11th July 2017

A look back through time at some of the websites we've managed and how they've evolved over the years.

A decade of Iteracy

3rd July 2017

We're absolutely delighted to announce that this month we are celebrating ten years of Iteracy Ltd!

Legal issues

1st June 2017

Many people don't realise the legal responsibilities of owning a website, or wrongly believe that because the internet is a new technology it is less policed than other industries.