Mat's Etsy experience

Join Mat in this blog post where he starts creating and selling t-shirts using AI, only to be thwarted by a terrible experience using Etsy. His new t-shirt store is now live!

30th January 2024

Happy Xmas 2023

If you're looking for something to entertain you over the festive period, why not try our xmas quiz?

8th December 2023

Two weeks with a continuous glucose monitor

As part of his ongoing fascination with how technology can improve his health, Mat injected an electrode into his...

6th December 2023

Museum of Mat & Kat

Our personal digital archive project - all about us!

31st October 2023

Fresca Fit - our health and fitness app

We love health tech and fitness apps so when we couldn't find exactly what we wanted we built our own!

17th August 2023

Five - our AI quiz game

We're really excited to launch a new AI-generated quiz game, Five! Each day, the AI curates five questions with...

2nd August 2023

The standing desk revolution

Just over a month ago we bought standing desks on the advice of a lifestyle physician whose website we just built....

14th July 2023

Picture Perfect

Today we're going to talk about a colourful topic: sourcing incredible images to use on your website. After all,...

29th June 2023

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts - Mac Edition

Discover the ultimate Mac mastery! Unleash the untapped potential of your computer with these essential keyboard shortcuts. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned Apple enthusiast, these game-changing shortcuts will revolutionize your productivity. Get ready to conquer your Mac like a pro and soar through tasks with ease. Let's dive in and take your efficiency to new heights!

10th May 2023

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Mat's been using Windows for longer than he cares to admit, and one of the most significant aspects that make it...

26th April 2023

Ten rules for great web design

Every website is different, but here are ten simple rules that we follow in order to create a great-looking and...

12th April 2023

Winning with wireframes in web design

A wireframe is a basic representation of a webpage that outlines the various elements, content, and functionality...

1st March 2023

Happy Xmas 2022

We hope you have a relaxing break and enjoy the holidays.

13th December 2022

Graphic design using AI

Mat's recently been working on an album cover for Bristol-based musician Alfie Treloar. In this post, he talks...

15th November 2022

Mindblowing Midjourney

Midjourney's AI art tool has always been impressive, but the new version 4 is absolutely incredible. In this blog...

7th November 2022

Nice things people have said about us

"Iteracy were fantastic throughout the whole process of us having the website built, nothing was too much trouble."

Kirsty Wright, Pregnancy Sickness Support