Here are just some of the nice things that our clients have said about us:

Cracking job of building a really smart website for my business. Made the experience very user-friendly so i can update the site myself. Friendly and professional service.

Tim Fuge
Tim Fuge Leadworks


Working with Iteracy on our ever-expanding website is pure joy, no matter what question we come up with or how far we want to take the website, they always have a solution. Their success in delivering superb technology stems from the time they take to listen what our needs are and the way they really get to know what we do as a programme. There is no greater accolade for the quality of their work that the universal positive reaction of teachers to our latest tool... which has been described as 'usable' 'human-friendly', 'very manageable', 'well thought-out'. The numbers of teachers who are actively using the tool and not needng support demonstrates just how well it works. A terrific success.

Kate Pordage
Cornwall Healthy Schools


Creative, supportive and efficient. A really good team to work with and the CMS is straightforward, particularly if your time is limited for such things.

Helen Doe


Working with Iteracy was an absolute pleasure. Not only did they deliver an excellent website for us, but the process of communication in achieving this was very smooth and they were able to make changes very efficiently.

Tom Molyneux
St David's First Aid


Iteracy's consistent, friendly, understanding approach made them a pleasure to work with.

Al Green
Healthy Gay Cornwall


We knew very little about what we wanted at the start of the project but couldn't have asked for a better end product. Mat and Kat are really professional and their experience is obvious. They work quickly and efficiently, responding to customer needs, patiently and professionally. The Website is well designed in terms of functionality and accessibility and utilises the most up to date search engine optimisation techniques. The Content Management System is well designed and easy to use and they really take the time to ensure you understand how to use it.

Rob Dean
Dunmore Farm


Iteracy were incredibly helpful and open minded in the way they created a website. Their sensitive but direct and positive approach made it easy to achieve a great result.

Liz Barclay
Liz Barclay Dressage


From the original concept to the site going, live Iteracy have kept us informed as to progress of each stage. Their dealings with us have been accommodating to our requirements as well as offering suggestions and improvements along the way. All our discussions and dealings have been happily jargon free.

Lynda Quee
Cornwall NHS Health Promotion Service


We had wanted to create a website to support teachers in Wiltshire in PSHE education and Healthy Schools for a long time and thought we would never be able to manage it. With Iteracy the project has been seamless and run like clockwork from day 1. We now have a fully functioning website and are delighted with the end result.

Nick Bolton
Wiltshire Healthy Schools


Migrating our existing site over to iteracy was virtually a painless experience and the design tweaks and slight changes needed were all beneficial. We have further plans and changes in mind and are now extremely confident in both Mat and Kat, that they will be able to work with us to help us achieve just what we envision!

Simon Trimarco
Digital Concrete


I honestly don't think Iteracy could have made the process any easier for me. I am a computer-phobe who wanted a beautiful website that looked exactly as I specified and Iteracy put up with my " 2mm to the left" exactitude and continued smiling throughout. Even I can understand how to get to my monthly stats and whatnot - pretty much, and how the site flows is a joy. Feedback from clients has been really positive too. What can I say but - thanks, I got exactly what I wanted and am thrilled with the result.

Jess Birmingham
Acupuncture Cornwall


Iteracy's knowledge, understanding and patience is exceptional. Their work has made a significant difference to this aspect of our business. 10 out of 10 in all respects, love the website and working in it is a real joy.

Julian Davies
The Webb Street Company


Iteracy have been extremely helpful throughout the process of developing and producing a website for my project. The website is really easy to use and update and I have been really impressed with the speed and efficiency of the team. Great support, help and advice. I am really pleased with the end product and look forward to continually working developing and updating the website. Thank you very much indeed. 

Rachel Faulkner
Workplace Health


Great support and genuine interest in achieving your project goals, great people to deal with, very supportive.

Richard Tozer
UTM Consultants


It's great to work with people who give their best and strive to give excellent customer service.

Kathy Ogg
Simply Time


Mat & Kat were extremely patient, their design work sharp, their hand holding gentle, their feedback prompt and their rates competitive.

Nick Smith
Career Stepping


I was surprised at how easy it was to use the content management system.

SVM Consulting Engineers, Berkhamsted


Iteracy totally understood what we were after and delivered on time and on budget. They talked us through the process and were very responsive to our needs. The website is interactive and appealing which will help us entice new people into thinking more about their lifestyle and making changes.

Sophia Aston
Eatsome NHS Cornwall


Iteracy have been very professional from start to finish, we were continually updated as to timescale and whereabouts the project was, they took on board any comments or issues we had and were happy to change things as needed and proved very adaptable.

Adrian Barratt
Lostwithiel Business Group


Iteracy are the only helpline I have ever encountered where you can pick up the phone and it is always answered by someone patient, friendly and always able to solve my problem.

Humfrey Legge
Institute Of Strategic Dialogue


Mat & Kat responded to our needs in a simple, no-nonsense way, using terminology and language that we understood. They explained clearly and concisely what could be achieved within the set framework. The site was completed on schedule and the project looks slick and functional. It fits perfectly with our target demographic and we are extremely pleased with the overall project results.

Andrew Murphy
Express Stairlifts Southwest


Our experience has been a positive one right from the start. Both Kat and Mat are very friendly and easy to talk to. I thought they listened well and knew which questions to ask so that they could fully understand what we were trying to achieve. They are very knowledgeable in what they do. If they didn’t know the answer to a question, they would go and find out. Kat also had to teach me how to use the CMS so I could be in control of updating the website and its content. She made the process very easy, understandable and user friendly. 

Joy Basset
A P Bassett Solicitors


Iteracy came highly-recommended, and lived up to that reputation in all respects. Everything was clear and they did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it.

Martin Cowell
Absolute Touring


Iteracy have that great combination of excellent technical understanding and ability to communicate in everyday language!

Caitlin Dean
Pregnancy Sickness Support


Working with Iteracy is easy. They have the expertise to come up quickly with a range of solutions to any problem, are flexible and are more than willing to try a range of possibilities until the balance is just right. I feel that I have a genuinely bespoke site, carefully cut to my own specific measurements, but not at Saville Row prices.

Pete Graham
Pete Graham Stone Carving


Having put a brief together for the website, a number of other website agencies came back with design and functional recommendations that were wrong for the business requirements. Mat and Kat immediately understood what was needed, delivered everything for a very reasonable budget and were a dream to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Iteracy to others as Mat and Kat are a pleasure to work with.

Alison Fogg


Excellent service and knowledge of subject. Very flexible and work towards client needs whilst giving recommendations. Thank you very much!

Karen Oldham-Waring
ASIST Cornwall


These guys are great. They are creative, supportive and endlessly patient! We are very happy with the results.

Francis Dufort
Dufort Associates


Great experience, really helpful and straightforward advice all the way through the process.

Square Sail Ventures