Yet another email scam

There's a new email scam going around, if you haven't seen it yet it can look quite frightening! But it's nothing to worry about.

1st November 2022

Apple's new protections for children come at a price for everyone

The headlines this week that Apple are changing their software to scan for images of child sexual abuse have worrying...

10th August 2021

Improving your privacy online

I've been taking some simple steps recently to improve my privacy online, read on to find out more.

15th July 2020

Backup, backup, backup

Images, videos, documents, spreadsheets - whatever it is, if you value it at all make sure you have a backup copy.

9th March 2020

If you're still typing in your password, you're doing it wrong

I know we go on about passwords a lot, but they're really important. Hopefully one day soon passwords will become obsolete, but until then they're the main system we use to identify ourselves.

2nd October 2019

Why do I need Windows 10 anyway?

A recent report by tech company Spiceworks suggests that 79% of organisations still have at least one computer...

31st July 2019

Trying to escape the bubble

One of the things I love most about the internet is the wide variety of information. Recently I've found that sites...

8th May 2019

How to avoid online scams

The top scams to watch out for

12th June 2018

GDPR - where do we go from here?

Data privacy is an ongoing process, not a one-off tickbox exercise

25th May 2018

Should I #deletefacebook?

Short answer: maybe. Long answer: read on!

28th March 2018

How to change who manages your website

Not sure how to move on from your current website developers? Read on...

4th January 2018

Connection problems

We know it's frustrating when you can't get to your website or pick up your email, run through these steps to resolve...

11th December 2017

Help, I've been hacked!

Read our handy guide that helps you recover from it, and top tips to stop it happening.

5th December 2017

Choosing a good password

In this blog we'll look at what makes a good password and how to choose one.

5th December 2017

General Data Protection Regulation

Are you ready for the new Data Protection laws which come into effect on 25 May 2018

15th November 2017

Malware and Antiviruses

Why you need both even if you have a Mac

1st August 2017


Want to get into e-commerce? Read our guide before you get started.

6th February 2017

Why you need HTTPS

Running your website over a secure connection (HTTPS) is fast becoming the norm.

14th October 2016

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