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Visitors expect to see a website updated regularly - there's nothing worse than having a Latest News page where the most recent item is over a year old! Many people don't want to spend more money after they've paid for a website to be set up, but out-of-date or inaccurate information can do more harm than good to your business.

There are many names for the online system used to update a website, we use the term Content Management System (CMS).

A Content Management System allows you to take control of your website. You can make changes as often as you like, and they'll appear straight away on your website.

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Simple to use

A Content Management System is simply a tool that allows you to edit the text and images on your site without any special skills. The CMS allows you to apply basic text formatting, insert and move images around, embed videos and add links to other websites or downloadable files such as PDFs. If you can use MS Word™, you can edit the content on your own site with minimal effort.

All our Content Management Systems come with training to get you started and if you've got any problems, we're always at the end of the phone.

Value for money

A Content Management System from Iteracy could cost less than you think. If you're currently paying regular maintenance costs, a CMS will pay for itself very quickly. Now you can amend the text yourself in half the time and keep your website up-to-date, attracting more visitors and making more money for your business.

Great features

The standard features of our CMS are based on what our users want and need more often. For example, a News section which displays Latest News on the home page and archives older stories to the News Archive; a Blog with tagged posts and a Blog archive; and FAQs. When you update these parts of the CMS they are automatically displayed on your website, making your site dynamic without requiring you to make any changes.

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Static site?

And that's why you don't get many visitors. With frequent updates to your site, your customers will return more often, their visits will be longer and they will be more likely to do business with you. Regularly updated pages are also thought to get higher rankings from search engines, so you'll be returned higher in results when people search the web.

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