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Start Now Cornwall is a website for Cornwall Council that aims to develop resilience and mental well-being in young people aged 10-16 in Cornwall. It was designed and created with the help of a team of young people and features a light and dark theme for the site. 

Coordinator Kate Pordage said "It is always a delight to work with Iteracy and the fact we come back time and time again is testament to the level of regard / trust we have that every project will be completed to a high level and in good time. The reliability of the sites and the quick turnaround on any issues / minor details is as reassuring as it is impressive."

In 2022 we relaunched the website with a new look that was designed in conjunction with the young people who run the website.

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Nice things people have said about us

"Mat & Kat really listen and have expertly translated my ideas and wishes onto the pages of my website. "

Debbie-Ann Champion, Achievable WellBeing