Five - our AI quiz game

We're really excited to launch a new AI-generated quiz game, Five! Each day, the AI curates five questions with five hints to help you guess the answer. The fewer hints you need, the higher your score.

2nd August 2023

Picture Perfect

Today we're going to talk about a colourful topic: sourcing incredible images to use on your website. After all,...

29th June 2023

Ten rules for great web design

Every website is different, but here are ten simple rules that we follow in order to create a great-looking and...

12th April 2023

Anatomy of a web page 2022

Can you tell your header from your hero image, do you know which is your primary navigation and which your secondary?...

11th August 2022

Getting started with OpenAI

Following on from Mat's last blog about machine learning, this post shows how you can get started with OpenAI.

15th March 2022

What is machine learning?

We're starting to use machine learning in our everyday lives, but what is it? Mat asks a machine learning system...

21st February 2022

Making a video

Over the last few months we've been creating a short introductory video for our home page. In this blog, Mat explains...

1st February 2022

How we help new businesses

Planning a website or a new addition to a website can often highlight and determine how a business will function...

18th May 2021

Taking better photos on your phone

Now is a great time to update the photos on your website, with our handy tips you can take great pics just using the camera on your phone!

22nd May 2020

Spring clean your website

With Spring just around the corner, take a look at freshening up your website and giving it a tidy at the same...

24th February 2020

Persuasive design in our pockets

It's no coincidence that we find it so hard to drag ourselves away from apps and games. They've been designed to...

26th April 2019

Get your map on

We've added functionality to our content management system that allows people to create complex maps on their websites,...

27th February 2019

Clear out your content closet

Less is (nearly) always more with website content. Keep it up-to-date, relevant, brief and to the point. Your visitors will thank you.

19th December 2018

Anatomy of a web page

Our article on the anatomy of a web page covers the individual elements on a page, what they're for and why you...

13th October 2017

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something of a dark art. Learn more in this quick guide.

13th October 2017

The write stuff

Choosing the right words for your website - if visitors don't receive your message loud and clear, you might need...

15th August 2017

Nice things people have said about us

"Iteracy provided a really personalised service that I don't think I'd get anywhere else. I would recommend them without hesitation."

Sue Law, My Best Life