Two weeks with a continuous glucose monitor

As part of his ongoing fascination with how technology can improve his health, Mat injected an electrode into his arm to measure his blood sugar.

6th December 2023

Fresca Fit - our health and fitness app

We love health tech and fitness apps so when we couldn't find exactly what we wanted we built our own!

17th August 2023

The standing desk revolution

Just over a month ago we bought standing desks on the advice of a lifestyle physician whose website we just built....

14th July 2023

Saying goodbye to software 😢

It's the last thing in the world you might expect to get sentimental about but our routines and social lives are...

20th July 2021

Working long hours can kill you

A new study by the WHO shows a relationship between working long hours and premature death, but it's just the latest in a series that show the same thing: don't spend too long in the office!

28th May 2021

The best bits of 2020

Despite a global pandemic (and also because of it) there were many things to celebrate in 2020

4th January 2021

Home working without injury

Wouldn't it be ironic to avoid COVID-19 through working at home, only to injure yourself because of a badly set...

2nd April 2020

Looking after your mental health during lockdown

Mat's been suffering a bit since the country went into lockdown. In this post he shares some ideas for keeping...

26th March 2020

Making the most of quarantine and downtime

COVID-19 has changed everything but we have to assume it won't be like this forever. Now is the time to capitalise on unwanted time on your hands.

19th March 2020

Keeping cool in the office during hot weather

As the UK experiences another heatwave, we thought we'd share tips for beating the heat that we've learnt while...

23rd July 2019

Persuasive design in our pockets

It's no coincidence that we find it so hard to drag ourselves away from apps and games. They've been designed to...

26th April 2019

What's the opposite of a staycation?

We finally achieved our dreams of being able to work from anywhere in the world that has a mobile signal. So we...

12th April 2019

Health technology

Making you healthier one byte at a time

26th October 2018

A day without technology

Can Mat survive 24 hours without his phone?

20th July 2018

Easy on the eyes

Tricks and tips to keep your eyes healthy and avoid eye-strain when using computer screens

8th February 2018

Nice things people have said about us

"Iteracy are the only helpline I have ever encountered where you can pick up the phone and it is always answered by someone patient, friendly and always able to solve my problem."

Humfrey Legge, Institute Of Strategic Dialogue