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We love health tech and fitness apps so when we couldn't find exactly what we wanted we built our own!

17th August 2023

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts - Mac Edition

Discover the ultimate Mac mastery! Unleash the untapped potential of your computer with these essential keyboard...

10th May 2023

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Mat's been using Windows for longer than he cares to admit, and one of the most significant aspects that make it...

26th April 2023

Getting started with OpenAI

Following on from Mat's last blog about machine learning, this post shows how you can get started with OpenAI.

15th March 2022

What is machine learning?

We're starting to use machine learning in our everyday lives, but what is it? Mat asks a machine learning system to explain.

21st February 2022

Windows 11 is... okay

Mat finally caved in and agreed to install Windows 11. Here are his thoughts from day one.

4th February 2022

Saying goodbye to software 😢

It's the last thing in the world you might expect to get sentimental about but our routines and social lives are...

20th July 2021

Why do I need Windows 10 anyway?

A recent report by tech company Spiceworks suggests that 79% of organisations still have at least one computer...

31st July 2019

Paired programming

How many coders does it take to write a line of code?

16th March 2018

Moving from SVN to Git

Oh great, a fascinating article about version control

24th November 2017

Rotating images

If you need to rotate an image in the CMS, follow the steps in this post.

1st January 2015

Nice things people have said about us

"Mat and Kat immediately understood what was needed, delivered everything for a very reasonable budget and were a dream to work with"

Alison Fogg, Lanteglos