Saying goodbye to software 😢

It's the last thing in the world you might expect to get sentimental about but our routines and social lives are so bound up with software that when they shut down, it can leave a gap.

20th July 2021

Working long hours can kill you

A new study by the WHO shows a relationship between working long hours and premature death, but it's just the latest...

28th May 2021

Improving accessibility

Too often, accessibility is something that people only think about after they've designed a website. We want to...

21st October 2020

Improving your privacy online

I've been taking some simple steps recently to improve my privacy online, read on to find out more.

15th July 2020

The creative process and typefaces

This is the third part of a series about the creative process. We're going to look at the different kinds of typefaces, how to choose them, and the best places to source fonts for your next design task. 

14th May 2020

Home working without injury

Wouldn't it be ironic to avoid COVID-19 through working at home, only to injure yourself because of a badly set...

2nd April 2020

Making the most of quarantine and downtime

COVID-19 has changed everything but we have to assume it won't be like this forever. Now is the time to capitalise...

19th March 2020

Going carbon neutral

The first in a series discussing environmental and social responsibilities. We discovered that making our business...

2nd December 2019

If you're still typing in your password, you're doing it wrong

I know we go on about passwords a lot, but they're really important. Hopefully one day soon passwords will become obsolete, but until then they're the main system we use to identify ourselves.

2nd October 2019

Two weeks with the Oculus Quest

Watch this video of our favourite things to do with the Oculus Quest.

27th September 2019

The Oculus Quest is incredible

We've just bought an Oculus Quest, and it's one of the most amazing tools I've ever seen. The future is here!

13th September 2019

Why do I need Windows 10 anyway?

A recent report by tech company Spiceworks suggests that 79% of organisations still have at least one computer...

31st July 2019

Trying to escape the bubble

One of the things I love most about the internet is the wide variety of information. Recently I've found that sites like Quora and Youtube are only showing me information about topics in which I've previously expressed an interest. So I deleted all my preferences to see what would happen.

8th May 2019

Persuasive design in our pockets

It's no coincidence that we find it so hard to drag ourselves away from apps and games. They've been designed to...

26th April 2019

What's the opposite of a staycation?

We finally achieved our dreams of being able to work from anywhere in the world that has a mobile signal. So we...

12th April 2019

Bye bye Google+

Google+ is being shut down for consumers on 2 April 2019. It won't be missed by many.

26th March 2019

Surveillance Capitalism

Start The Week on Radio 4 this morning was on the subject of Surveillance Capitalism. It's not a term I was familiar with, but as they started discussing the subject I realised that I know what it is. Essentially it is how large corporations like Google and Facebook have industrialised our personal information, sometimes without our consent but definitely without our full understanding.

4th February 2019

Fake news

It's hard to believe the term 'fake news' has only been around for a couple of years. What does it mean and...

31st January 2019

Health technology

Making you healthier one byte at a time

26th October 2018

Fight for your right to data privacy - Part 2

What happens when you exercise your rights under GDPR

17th August 2018

Fight for your right to data privacy - Part 1

Tracking down companies that hold our personal data

10th August 2018

A day without technology

Can Mat survive 24 hours without his phone?

20th July 2018

How to avoid online scams

The top scams to watch out for

12th June 2018

GDPR - where do we go from here?

Data privacy is an ongoing process, not a one-off tickbox exercise

25th May 2018

Should I #deletefacebook?

Short answer: maybe. Long answer: read on!

28th March 2018

Easy on the eyes

Tricks and tips to keep your eyes healthy and avoid eye-strain when using computer screens

8th February 2018

Do you need to buy Microsoft Office?

There are alternatives to the MS Word and Excel

31st January 2018

PC, Mac or Linux?

Clients, friends and family are always asking for our opinion about which is better.

16th January 2018

Google Pagespeed

Speed is everything

8th January 2018

How to change who manages your website

Not sure how to move on from your current website developers? Read on...

4th January 2018

Help, I've been hacked!

Read our handy guide that helps you recover from it, and top tips to stop it happening.

5th December 2017

Choosing a good password

In this blog we'll look at what makes a good password and how to choose one.

5th December 2017

Moving from SVN to Git

Oh great, a fascinating article about version control

24th November 2017

General Data Protection Regulation

Are you ready for the new Data Protection laws which come into effect on 25 May 2018

15th November 2017

Web design glossary

If you can't tell your back end from your e-commerce, you need our simple web design glossary!

25th October 2017

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something of a dark art. Learn more in this quick guide.

13th October 2017

Heroes of code

Inspiring female computer scientists from the 19th century to present day

24th September 2017

Usability and Flat Design

Are current design trends making websites less easy to use? An interesting new study suggests they might be.

12th September 2017

Do I need Facebook for business?

We're often asked whether it's worth the effort to use social media for business. Yes - but only if you can do...

5th September 2017

What did the web look like in 2007?

Iteracy celebrates its 10th birthday with a trip down memory lane on the world wide web.

20th July 2017

Open Data

Open data, the less famous cousin of open source, is the idea that the world is a better place when information is freely available.

2nd May 2017

Remote working

13th February 2017

Artificial Intelligence

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love AI

6th January 2017

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