Improving accessibility

Too often, accessibility is something that people only think about after they've designed a website. We want to change that, to make it a core part of web design.

21st October 2020

The creative process and typefaces

This is the third part of a series about the creative process. We're going to look at the different kinds of typefaces,...

14th May 2020

The creative process and logos

People often ask us about where we get our inspiration from, and how the creative process works. Mat breaks down...

22nd July 2019

The creative process and colours

To say that Mat is obsessed with colour is an understatement - he dislikes all black and white films because they...

17th June 2019

How we work

What an Iteracy project looks like from start to finish

12th October 2018

How to change who manages your website

Not sure how to move on from your current website developers? Read on...

4th January 2018

Web page size and layout

Web pages used follow a common set of sizes and layouts, but now it's all about being responsive

13th October 2017

Usability and Flat Design

Are current design trends making websites less easy to use? An interesting new study suggests they might be.

12th September 2017

What did the web look like in 2007?

Iteracy celebrates its 10th birthday with a trip down memory lane on the world wide web.

20th July 2017

Changing websites

A look back through time at some of the websites we've managed and how they've evolved over the years.

11th July 2017

Open Data

Open data, the less famous cousin of open source, is the idea that the world is a better place when information...

2nd May 2017

The mobile web

As more and more people use mobile phones to browse the internet, it's now critical that your website looks good...

3rd April 2017

Browser statistics

When building websites, it's important to make sure that they work in as many different operating systems and browsers as possible.

2nd January 2017

What is responsive design?

Responsive design means creating web pages that adapt to different devices.

7th November 2016

Web page size and layout (old post)

Most web pages follow a common set of sizes and layouts, but what's correct?

4th July 2016

Nice things people have said about us

"Great support and genuine interest in achieving your project goals, great people to deal with, very supportive."

Richard Tozer, UTM Consultants